Appalachian Baby Kits

Appalachian Baby Design is dedicated to providing the most beautiful elements for the fiber artist to create an heirloom baby gift. 

Each kit contains Appalachian Organic Cotton sourced from small-scale U.S. sustainable family-owned cotton farms, sheep ranches and family-owned mills and pattern.

Baby Bear Cardigan
Campbell Blanket Kit Blue
Campbell Blanket Pink
Great Horned Owl
Hello Baby Blanket Kit
Hello Baby Jacket Kit
Hooded Baby Towel Kit
Meemaws Washcloth
Pick a Knit Baby Blanket Kit
Pom Pom Baby Hat Kit
Soft Baby Blanket Kit
Zoom Loom Keepsake Blanket with Silver Border
Lamb's Ear Cardigan
Trixi the Bunny Kit
Pure and Simple Crochet Baby Blanket