Our Story

Maker Drop - Makers Supporting Makers

Hi, thanks for dropping in! I'm Brit Lynch, the passionate maker behind Maker Drop, an online yarn store and community for fellow crafters.

At Maker Drop We Believe In Small Business Over Big Box


As a maker and crafter myself, I believe in supporting small business owners and fellow makers who know the value of handmade goods and the blood, sweat and tears that go into making these one of a kind items.

That's why I created Maker Drop—Every order that is placed on our site is fulfilled and shipped to you from one of our partner handmade and local businesses across America who know the worth of their products and who understand the craftsmanship you put into each handmade item.


I wanted to have all of our favorite yarns and craft supplies from local shops in one place as an alternative to shopping at big box stores.

I wanted to a space where makers could support other makers and we could keep our support within the maker family. So, I created it!


How Does It Work?


Place An Order On Maker Drop - We Have One Of The Largest Selections Of Unique Yarns Online.
Your Order Is Then Passed On To One Of Our Amazing Partner Local Craft Stores or Handmade businesses who packs your order with love and 'drop ships' it to you.
 You receive your order and do a happy dance because not only do you have new supplies you also just supported the Maker Movement, which in turn, creates a better community for all us makers. A small gesture makes a huge impact to make our community a better place.


Like you, the local yarn and craft stores Maker Drop partners with, value their businesses, and put care in curating every item they sell.  They're makers too, after all!

They opened their businesses so that they could provide the maker community with amazing yarns and craft supplies sourced with the care and quality you deserve .


Handmade Over Mass Produced


Here at Maker Drop, you'll find a unique and amazing selection of yarns and goods that you won't find at big box stores, and that's the way it should be.

I choose to source our products from local business to give some love back to the maker community, and every purchase from Maker Drop is a small vote in favor of valuing handmade goods over mass produced.


We Value Creativity, Not Conformity


When you purchase the amazing yarns from Maker Drop, you're supporting & adding value to the entire maker community. A community that values creativity instead of conforming to the status quo.


A community that supports each other and that believes that your unique perspective on your craft is part of what makes this community so amazing.


Our mission it to put a face behind the names of our local makers.  




Maker Drop is a space created uniquely for you, the true makers of the world.