Double Weave, Double Heddle


Saturday, August 26 & 27 10am - 4pm

Instructor: Deborah Jarchow

Double your Fun - using two heddles - sampler and technique from patterns to double width 
Class Level:Intermediate
Description: Expand your weaving skills and make two layers in your cloth on the rigid heddle loom.  While weaving, the layers can be connected in various ways to make cloth twice the width of your loom, create tubes, or pockets.  Participants will make a sampler while exploring this process.  During the workshop they will learn to thread the loom using two heddles and weave the layers in various ways.  This workshop is for students that have some experience with the rigid heddle and want to move on to the next level.
Students will warp the looms and learn how to set up and thread both heddles to enable the double heddle weaving.  Then they will weave cloth at double the sett of the heddle used and create various beautiful patterns that the extra heddle makes possible.  They will learn how to create 2 layers of cloth, each a different color, learn how to make pockets or tubes in the woven cloth.
Homework: None
Supplies to bring:  Looms with at least and 8” weaving width that is able to accommodate 2 heddles, two 10 dent reeds 4 pick up sticks, 2 shuttles (with bobbins), 300 yards each of 2 contrasting colors of sport or dk weight yarn, scissors, tape measure, tapestry needle, cardboard tube from inside a paper towel roll, 2 brown paper grocery bags, 30 yards waste yarn.

Instructor: Deborah Jarchow
Double Heddle, Double Weave
2-day workshop

August 26 & 27 10am-4pm
Lunch included
Fee: $300
Limited to 10 students, enroll early.



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